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Broda®40+ HSP PADDING Huntington's Special Padding Package, For Use With: Broda Pedal and Positioning Wheelchairs

  • Manufacturer: Broda
  • Brand Name: Broda®40+
  • Part#: BRDHSPPAD
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Qty. Interval: 1
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Designed for use with Broda positioning wheelchairs, the Huntington's Special Padding (HSP) package provides enhanced safety and support while helping to prevent patient injury. Our HSP package is an excellent tool for treating Huntington's disease. It provides comfortable, stable, protective padding and positioning for patients with severe agitation and involuntary movement.

Broda®40+ Huntington's Special Padding Package, Suitable For Use With: Broda Pedal and Positioning Wheelchairs

Suitable For Use With      :      Broda Pedal and Positioning Wheelchairs
  • Long shoulder bolsters
  • Thigh belt
  • Fixed footrest
  • Long footbox
  • Long shoulder bolsters standard on synthesis positioning wheelchair only, long wing covers standard on other models
  • pdfSpecification Sheet https://www.unitedmedsupply.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Broda40_HSP_PADDING_Specification_Sheet.pdf