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PLG Innovations 201 PGA00201

PLG Innovations 201 Portable Urinal Holder, Plastic

  • Manufacturer: PLG Innovations, Inc
  • Brand Name: PLG Innovations
  • Part#: PGA00201
  • MPN: 201
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Qty. Interval: 1
  • Availability: loading

The EZP portable urinal holder is made up of a simple plastic cage and strap that fastens the urinal to a patient's bedrail, wheelchair or walker. The design was made to incorporate a "swiveling" action to adjust to different angles of bed positions, thereby reducing spills. With less spills, nurses can avoid spending time cleaning up messes and spend time on more pressing needs and most importantly, the risk of infection is greatly reduced. All our EZP fit all standard male and female urinals.

PLG Innovations Portable Urinal Holder, Plastic

Material      :      Plastic
  • Decrease risk of infection
  • Reduce slips and spills
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase patience independence